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Glamour Photography magazine is now a well-established online magazine. The first issue was online in September 2000 under the name of and has grown steadily since then. Found easily and regularly in all the major search engines, it is now regularly read by over 6,000 unique visitors monthly. This compares more than favourably with amateur photo press and far exceeds any pro magazines available today.


Mainly UK-based, but after entry surveys using logging software, we have discovered these facts.


40% of readers UK Based (24,000)

35% of readers US Based (21,000)

10% of readers are Au's/NZ Based (6,000)

15% are evenly distributed across Europe the far, Middle East, and South America. (9,000)

We have also carried out surveys by approaching a 5% cross-section of readers.

15% of readers earn their living solely from selling photographs

25% of readers earn some income from selling photographs

30% of readers are keen amateur photographers

10% of readers are part-time amateur photographers.

5% of readers just like looking at pretty girls.

15% of readers are Models part and full-time.


As you can see, a fantastic cross-section of the photography market spend a considerable amount across the year.


We have learnt that surfers ignore banners and most like myself are annoyed by pop ups. Going so far as to purchase software to suppress it. Our readers are loyal and regular and appreciate the ethos we have acquired. Information that's factual, simple, and free. One reason the site has acquired such a loyal following is our honesty.

We feel our readers will respond to an advertiser who sponsors articles, or pages on a month-by-month basis, rather than begging our readers to click on a sponsor's banner and then having them return immediately. We know it will be far better for a sponsor to appear committed to the publication and should you be selling/offering what they want that loyalty will be transferred.


What you are offering and how you would approach this is very individual, and we can work with you to produce the best results.


The gallery page the Model directory and the menu are the three very high-hit pages, although if you were selling something more specific it might be better to sponsor directly to an article or feature that is connected. In that case, you will know every reader is potentially a client.


Contact us today and we can talk. We have rates to suit most pockets.

Contact: Mobile: 07391564458  / Email:


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