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              By Eugene Struthers

This is the budget entry level photography kit you should try to purchase. When choosing glamour photography as a profession. Either buy your gear new, second hand or refurbished. Try not to be brand specific when starting out. Each photographer has his own likes and dislikes of individual photography products/brands. You won't know which one's you prefer unless you have tried them all. Find gear that makes photography feel like a hobby and less of a task. Don't get caught up in the hype that a £1,500 camera is far better than a £350 one. The modern entry level 18mp camera is more than enough to get you started in the glamour industry.   

Entry level camera: 


1)  The EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR is the current entry model and also happens to be one of the smallest DSLRs available from any manufacturer. Weighing slightly more than 13 oz and measuring 4.6 x 3.6 x 2.7", this camera is an ideal option for photographers looking to have a camera with them at all times. It features an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor, which together combine to avail a top native sensitivity of ISO 12800, 4 fps continuous shooting rate, and full HD 1080p/30 movie recording. 





















2) The Rebel T6i and Rebel T6s, which differentiate themselves from the SL1 in many ways, yet share a similar compact form factor. Both cameras feature a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor, DIGIC 6 image processor, and a 3.0" 1,040k-dot vari-angle touchscreen LCD. The two DSLRs also share the ability to record full HD 1080p/30 video, a continuous shooting rate of 5 fps, expandable sensitivity to ISO 25600, and built-in Wi-Fi with NFC. A 19-point all cross-type AF system offers speed and accuracy during still shooting, while the Hybrid CMOS AF system benefits video and live view shooting applications by combining phase- and contrast-detection focusing methods.

















3) The EOS 70D. Featuring a 20.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ image processor, the 70D has a continuous shooting rate of 7 fps, native sensitivity to ISO 12800, and full HD video recording at 30 fps. And, like the T6i/s, the 70D has a 3.0" 1,040k-dot vari-angle touchscreen. Its all-cross-type phase-detection autofocus system has been expanded to 19 points, but even more noteworthy is the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system that can be employed when working in live view. Introduced with the 70D, this unique focusing system is able to track moving subjects more effectively with virtually no focus hunting. When coupled with the Touch AF control, this system works well in conjunction with the Movie Servo AF mode to enable rack focusing and smooth focus transitions for more dynamic video recordings. Among other features found in the 70D, it also sports built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless image transfer and remote camera control. 


























4) The Nikon D3300, 24.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 image processor form the central imaging components, which enable shooting up to 5 fps, expandable sensitivity to ISO 25600, and full HD 1080p/60 video recording. A unique feature among entry-level DSLRs is the D3300’s omission of an optical low-pass filter, which helps to garner increased image sharpness and resolution compared to models featuring an OLPF to counteract the effects of moiré. Even with this filter removed, however, the processing capabilities of the EXPEED 4 serve to negate the false colors and artifacting in order to maximize the benefits of removing this commonly used filter. This stout set of features is backed by an 11-point autofocus system, external microphone input, and a 3.0" 921k-dot LCD monitor for clear, bright image review and live view monitoring. Also serving newcomers to photography, this model incorporates a dedicated Guide Mode that helps familiarize one with the variety of features throughout the entire camera system.




















Option two:


Basic budget two light portable kit




1) One monolight, minimum 600 watt seconds
2) Second monolight, minimum 300 watt seconds





1) Small softbox 24x24 / 60x60 collapsible

2) Two 48 inch shoot through umbrellas

3) One reflector white/gold 



1) Light stand: Two x 240cm 7.8ft 2.4m Flash Light Stands


2) Purchase a strobe sync cable 


Total cost: £140.00



There are other manufacturers and brands available. 


Just keep it SIMPLE and enjoy the art of photography.

Entry level lenses: (Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma, Leica etc)


1) 18-55mm f/3.5 - 5.6

2) 35mm f/1.4

3) 50mm f/1.4

4) 55 - 250 mm f/4 - 5.6

5) 85mm f/1.8   (Optional at this stage)



Entry level Lights / Modifiers / stands: 


The beginner kit is perfect for advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientific and technical photography, photographic reproduction.


It would be far better for you to purchase this kit as a whole kit. There are loads of bargains and advantages to getting hold of your first kit this way. The following kit would cost £180. But if it were to be purchased individually. It would cost you about £300. 

3 x MT-300AM Strobe Light.

3 x 79"(7 Feet)/200cm Light Stand: Solid safety 3 legs stages, helps to ensure perfect settings for your photography or video subject.capablefor stable, heavy duty work.

1 x Barn Door With Honeycomb Grid & Four Color Gels: The universal barn door kit comes with a grid and 4 color gels with metal frames. Barndoor devices alter the shape, amount, or color of the light output from the flash heads.

The kit includes: 3 x MT-300AM Strobe Light + 3 x 79"/200cm Light Stand + 2 x 20" x 28 "/50 x 70 cm Softbox + 2 x 33"/84 cm Umbrella + 1 x Barndoor HoneyComb with 4 Color Gels + 1 x 16 Channel Flash Trigger + 1 x Carry Bag.




3 x MT-300AM Strobe Light

Output power: 300W

Color Temperature: 5600K

Power Line:5m

Recycle Time: 0.2-1s

Flash Duration Time:1/2000 - 1/4000s

Flash Triggering Method: Sync lead flashing,

Cable lead flashing, Test lead flashing

Modeling Bulb: 150W

Flash Index: 56GN

Power Voltage: AC 220-240V/50Hz

Fuse: 8A



3 x Light Stand  79"(7 Feet)/200cm


Adjustable Height: 3ft - 7 ft / 85cm - 200cm.

Adjustable Width: 2.5ft - 7 ft / 72cm - 200cm.

Light stands use quick single action locks, providing fast precision height adjustment.

Max load(approx.): 2.5kg / 5.5lbs.
















2 x 20"x 28"/50 x 70 cm Softbox

Softbox diffuses the strobe flash giving you that perfect even lighting you need for the best shots possible.

With Standard size universal speed mounts, a quality softbox will fit any compact strobe flash.

















2 x 33"/84cm White Translucent + Silver Photo Studio Umbrella

Material: nylon material, Aluminum shaft

Folded Length:57cm (approx,Measured real length.)

Shaft diameter:8mm (approx)

















1 x Barn Door With Honeycomb Grid & Four Color Gels (White, blue, red, yellow)

The barndoor direct your light beam from narrow to wide. Which gives you greater control over your spill light. Controls your spill light, this is a must have accessory for creating professional images 4 Color Gels (White, blue, red, yellow) allow you to have different background colors. Gels are used to either correct the light balance or create dramatic lighting effects.


















1 x 16 Channel Flash Trigger

It includes a transmitter and receiver.

Radio transmitter installed on camera

Receiver installed on flash/strobe head

Battery:2 x AA (Not included)

















Purchase a strobe sync cable as a backup. 


1 x Carry Bag

Lightweight and foldable, have one padded compartment's inside.

Large zippered exterior pocket.

Material: Cordura webbed nylon



















         See you all

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