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    A comprehensive alphabetical list of photographic terms and meanings.

Xenon:- is a rare gas sometimes used with electronic flash tubes and enclosed arc light sources.


Xerography:- is a photographic process which uses an electrically charged metal plate. On exposure to light the electrical charge is destroyed, leaving a latent image in which shadows are represented by charged areas. A powdered pigment dusted over the plate is attracted to the charged areas, producing a visible image.


Xography:- is a system of photography which produces prints and transparencies with a three-dimensional effect. A cylindrically embossed lenticular screen is placed in contact with the film and a shutter behind the lens is arranged to scan the subject during exposure.


X ray:- are electromagnetic radiations beyond ultraviolet which, when passed through a solid object and allowed to act upon a sensitive emulsion, form a shadow image of the internal structure of the object.


X ray film:- is spectral sheet film for radiography, having a thick emulsion coated on both sides of the support to increase the absorption of X rays.


X setting (X sync):- is the setting that causes the flash to burst in synchronization with the shutter. For some manual cameras, the X synch speed refers to the maximum speed that the camera can synchronize with the flash.



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